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Peter SKALA - experimental film and video & Viktor KOTRUBENKO - improvisation on saxophone

World-known unique works of prominent experimenter of film and video art - Peter Skala, which are placed in The Guggenheim Museum (New York City), Centre Pompidou (Paris) and National Gallery in Prague, in combination with imporovisation of legendary saxophonist Viktora Kotrubenka in performance VIDEOART MEETS MUSIC.

In the production movies, respectively video - loops are being show, musical improvisations are realized lively. Next three trailers - fragments movie loops - are available (purposely in lowered visual and sound quality - from reasons of protection of copyright) clicking on

Zemská tíže (The Gravitation - saxophone and vocal)

Stíny na zdi (Shadows On Wall - saxophone)

Stíny na zdi (Shadows On Wall - saxophone and vocal)

In short :Petr Skala
Peter SKALA – author of experimental art, which are created using special technologies, at first manually using different engraving instrument, coating, by using such instrument, which are washing powder on utensils, sand, egg white, petrol into lighter, acetone, bee honey, hairspray etc.., namely directly on film strip (below magnifying lense or microscope directly on several frames of film strip), later using modern videa technology. Performer is world's recognized celebrity ranged among such giants as Stan Brakhage, Len Lye and James Whitney. Works of Peter Skalyed are certain symptoms of visual ecstasy and so they touch on perceptive viewer without doubt. Effect is superimposed offhand music in performanci VIDEOART meets MUSIC. In performance VIDEOART meets MUSIC the effect is enhanced using improvised music.

Viktor Kotrubenko Viktor KOTRUBENKO – is know thank to his „ free jazzy period "and thank to activity of his group Jazz Half Sextet with singer Jane Koubkova first, below as redactor, writer, publicist and composer, not least and as author of the first Czechoslovak special books of its kind „Secret Of Synthesizers". His compositions be interpreted by Eve Olmerova, Marie Rottrova, Jitka Vrbova, Orchestra Of Felix Slovacek, The Metropolitan Jazz Band, The Swing Quartette Of Vladimir Klusak on LPs and CDs. Japanese EM Records were edited some of Kotrubenkos compositions.Music of Viktor Kotrubenko sounds in many of movies and productions on carriers. In performance VIDEOART meets MUSIC composer and saxophonist continues it's period of brave improvisation. It come into being the brand - new dimension of audiovisual work, which is at any performance absolutely original.

Jaroslav Sindler Dana Krausová

At interplay of other musicians, for example jazzy guitarist
Jaroslav SINDLER
singer of classical music
form wonderful improvised combinations.

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